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House Mortgage Loans

House Mortgage Loans


Interest Rate on Mortgage Loans at 12% for the Loans issued from 15-05-2020 onwards.


Rules Governing the sanction of House Mortgage Loans:

The following documents are required for sanction of House Mortgage loans.

i.  Original Title deeds relating to the House properties.

ii.  Link documents.

iii. Latest Encumbrance Certificate for 13 years.

iv.  Latest House Tax receipt.

v.   Copy of Aadhar Card and PAN card..

vi.  Latest passport size 5 Photos.

vii. Latest photos (2 Maxi Size) of the House property.

     For addon information please contact the Concerened Branch Manager.

Maximum Loan amount: Rs. 25,00,000/-

Rate of Interest: As decided by the Board.

Repayment schedule:



Upto 50000/-                                                      

       -35 months

Above 50,000/- and Upto 1,00,000/-           

- 60 months

Above 1,00,000/- and Upto 1,50,000/-

- 72 months

Above 1,50,000/- and Upto 2,00,000/-        

- 84 months

Above 2,00,000/- and Upto 2,50,000/-  

- 96 months

Above 2,50,000/- and Upto 15,00,000/-   

- 120 months

Above 15,00,000/- and Upto 25,00,000/-    

- 180 months