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Vegetables & flowery culture Loans

Vegetables & flowery culture Loans


Loans for cultivation of Vegetables & flowery culture:


The applicant desiring to get a loan for cultivation of vegetables/flowers has to submit to the Bank the following material.


  1. Title deeds relating to the proposed land for cultivation of Vegetables / flowers.
  2. Latest Land Revenue receipt from the Village Officer / Thahsildar
  3. Encumbrance Certificate for 13 years
  4. Photo Identity card relating to the Borrower
  5. Latest Passport size 6 photos

Besides the above, the borrower has to furnish the type of vegetables / flowers he wants to raise and requirement of loan and facilities available to the cultivation of the vegetables / flowers that the borrower is having as on date of application


Interest rate: 11.00% p.a.

The period of repayment of the loan: 1 year