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Education Loans

Education Loans

Loans for Education Purpose:

The applicant has to produce all the requirements mentioned under House Mortgage loans.  The loans under this head usually be sanctioned to prosecute higher studies to the children of applicants like Post Graduation / Professional courses / Engineering & Medicine and other Master degrees.  The applicant shall produce the estimates relating to the higher studies from the institutions where the children of the applicant desires to study.  The estimate usually be tuition fees, Hostel Charges and other stationary items that are useful to the students. 

Rate of Interest: Priroty Sector @ 12% and Non-Priority Sector @12.5%

The monthly interest will be collected from the applicants / guardian till their children get employment.

The period of repayment of the Loan will be fixed by the Board of Management basing on the studies of the Applicant’s children.