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Poultry Farms / Fishi Culture Loans

Poultry Farms / Fishi Culture Loans


Loans for Poultry Farms / Fishi Culture:


The applicant desiring to get a loan to rare the poultry / fish has to fulfill the following conditions.


  1. Title deeds relating to the landed property / residential property of the applicant.
  2. If the farm is on Lease basis, the lease agreement from the owner of the land to proposed to raise the poultry / fish.
  3. Latest Land Revenue receipt.
  4. Encumbrance Certificate for the last 13 years.
  5. Photo Identity Card.
  6. Latest Passport size 6 photos


  1. Estimates relating to the poultry shed i.e. the area of shed in square yards / cents and whether the site is own or leased.
    1. Nature of shed
    2. No.of birds he wants to rear.
    3. Source of supply of feed and water
    4. Safety measures by applicant proposed to adopt
    5. Marketing facility for the eggs / chicken / fish

Rate of Interest is 11.00% p.a. compounded quarterly

Period of repayment is 60 months