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Deposit Schemes

The Bank offers Savings Bank account with minimum balance of Rs. 500/-. Savings Bank account with cheque book facility is available at a minimum Balance of Rs. 1000/-.

The Bank offers Current account facility to organizations like Trusts, Societies, and Associations etc., with minimum balance of Rs. 3000 /- only with cheque book facility.

The Bank accepts Fixed Deposit period ranging from 15 days to 10 years at applicable Interest Rates and interest on deposit payable by Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly/Annually as per the request of the customer. Cash Certificate Deposit are cumulative fixed deposits will be accepted for a period from 12 months and above and the maturity amount payable at the time of deposit Maturity.

The Bank accepts Recurring Deposits period from 12 months and above at applicable Interest Rates and installment has to be collected monthly. For installment payment customers may use NEFT facility for transfer of funds from other banks.

Deposit Holder may avail up to 85% of Loan against their Fixed Deposit / Cash Certificate/ Recurring Deposits.

Premature withdrawal of Deposits allowed by Bank at 1% discount rate on applicable interest rate of such deposit.