Notifications :


Loan Schemes

The following different kinds of loans will be granted on the Security mentioned and securities relating to co-obligants

subject to the approval by the Board of Directors.

1. Rules Governing the sanction of House Mortgage Loans :

2. Gold Loans :                                                                                       

3. Loans against Deposits :                                                                   

4. Loans for Education Purpose :                                                     

5. Cash Credit Accommodation to the Business People :                                                     

6. Loans for cultivation of Vegetables & flowery culture :                                                     

7. Loans for Poultry Farms / Fishi Culture :                                                     

8. Loans for purchase of Milch Cattle :                                                     

9. Loans for formation of Cattle Sheds :                                                     

10. Loans for Four Wheelers / Three Wheelers / Tractors :                                                     

11. Loans for Small Traders :                                                     

12. Loans for petty traders against group guarantee system :                 

13. Loans for Mechanical Sheds :                                                     

14. For purchase of ready built house/ Apartments/ Group Houses etc. :                 

The area of operation of the Bank is presently confined to the entire State of Andhra Pradesh. With the opening of branches at Vuyyuru, Azithsinghnagar, Patamata, Bhavanipuram, Hanumanjunction, Mylavaram and Nuzividu, the Loans shall be advanced demarcating the areas for financing the public.

 V.S.R.Bhattar (SECRETARY)